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We are aiming to repeat our Flagstaff Hut summer rental for June though October.  We are working on putting the supports in place to make the experience a success. We will announce the details as soon as they are confirmed.

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We are excited to make Flagstaff Hut available for families to rent this summer. If you have been to Flagstaff Hut, either in the summer or winter, then you know what an amazing place it is. If you have not experienced our Hut yet, Flagstaff Hut restores the sole, quiets your mind, and gives you the time and space to reflect on what is important.

COVID-19 put a stop to our bringing people together in a...

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Trailheads are the start of good decisions.  With our cross country skis and snowshoes put away, we are reaching back into our adventure quivers for our hiking shoes and mountain bikes. MH&T is working with all of our trail partners to prepare and support safe and enjoyable experiences. Please regard all signage, follow best practices for social distancing when out on the trail, and be...

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Fuel Up For Your Day On The Trails

Live your best life and put your best foot forward on the trails this season with a body fueled with extra nutrients. Whether you’re going on a multi hut experience or simply want to hike at a leisurely pace, be sure to start the day strong by consuming wholesome, calorie dense meals.  Here are a few yummy breakfast ideas to spark your morning and fuel you...

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Vol. Caretaker Janet J. and Vol. Coord. Sue Davis

The outpouring of generosity Maine Huts receives is humbling and much appreciated.  Our growing List of Giving shows you don't have to be a million $ donor to make a difference in the Maine Huts and Trails.  Listed below is a sample of the beautiful reality of people and community working together to keep the dream alive!  To the many volunteers, donors, and members > > THANK YOU!

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In light of recent news about COVID-19 and our opeartions, you may have some questions. Below are answers to some of them, but please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have that are not listed here. 

Q. Are the huts open?

A. No, for the health and safety of our...

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Donate Today to Help Build a Brighter Future for Maine Huts & Trails

Eleven years ago, Maine Huts & Trails opened opportunities for people to experience the majesty of western Maine’s mountains, forests, and waters in a truly unique way.

Our goals as a nonprofit have been to:

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Brews & Views Beer Pairing Dinner - A Culinary Experience Like No Other By: C.L. DeLisle

Great craft beer, scrumptious locally sourced food, good company, and a breathtaking destination combine to form a culinary experience like no other!

Brews & Views pairs...

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HUT STAFF FEATURE - Caily Wilbanks By: C.L. DeLisle

(Photos by: Caily Wilbanks' Instagram)

For the second summer in a row, Caily Wilbanks packed her bags and left the bustle of New York City for the calmness and serenity of the vast Maine wilderness. Last summer, Caily worked as a...

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Several fishermen cast their flies into western Maine’s misnamed Dead River which – along with a 16-mile-long stretch of exciting white-water rafting – is known for outstanding catches of trout and salmon.Outdoor adventurers pedal mountain bikes over trails that traverse dense pine and white birch forests passing hikers who, like me, prefer to experience nature at a slower pace.

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