What does Self-Service mean?

Maine Huts & Trails Self-Service Winter Experience

Self-service nights are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.
We decided to offer both self-service and full-service over the course of a winter-season week because so many people love the Maine Huts and Trails Self-service experience!

With self-service:

  • Our hut staff do not prepare your meals. Each guest party prepares your own meals and you do the dishes.
  • MH&T hut staff are present welcoming guests and attending to daily details.
  • You plan and pack-in your own provisions. Our Huts’ fully equipped commercial kitchens are at your service, filled with everything you need to create your own culinary experience.

Self-service has a huge fan base among our guests. A self-service trip is an experience that brings your family and friends together for you to create magnificent adventures and memories on the trail, in the Hut, and in the kitchen.

  • Some of the basics are on hand in the Huts’ pantries so you don’t have to carry it in, including spices, oils, and vinegars, sugar, and flour. Do you need that special something to make your meal simply the best? We recommend you include it in your packing list and slip that ingredient in your trip partner’s pack side pocket.
  • Our pantry has on hand for purchase a variety of shapes of pasta, pasta sauce, grains, and a selection of Good-to-Go’s  delicious, dehydrated, gourmet meals prepared meals.
  • A selection of delicious beer and wine will be available for purchase at the Hut. You may bring your own beverages of choice, but Maine liquor laws require that they may not be enjoyed inside the Hut.

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