An Update for Skiing The Maine Hut Trail

Last week a couple of snow events occurred leaving a total of 6-10 inches of new snow on the Maine Hut Trail. Although not enough snow to groom, there is enough snow on sections of the Maine Hut Trail to find some enjoyable cross country skiing. Basically, where the trail is smooth, road-like and mowed, there will be enough cover for skiing. Where the trail is rough, not mowed and brushy, there is not enough snow to have a good ski experience.

Specifically, from the Gauge Road Trailhead to Poplar Hut is skiable and the section of trail from The Long Falls Dam Road Trailhead to the Big Eddy is skiable. Skiers can also access Flagstaff Lake which is frozen and snow covered. The rougher sections of trail between the huts are not skiable. So the bottom line is that one is able to ski into the huts but skiing hut to hut wil involve some hiking.

Grand Falls Hut Master Michael Downing has been enjoying the new snow at his hut!

There is no need to hold back. Get your skis and ski into Poplar Hut or Flagstaff Hut for some great backcountry hospitality!