Mountain Biking


Mountain biking (including winter mountain biking) is permitted on all MH&T trails except Hemlock. Most MH&T trails are fairly flat with no significant elevation changes, this makes the riding suitable for bikers of all skill levels. Mountain bikes with knobby tires are essential on MH&T trails. Hybrid bikes are not suitable on MH&T trails. We also suggest taking a moment to read our blog entry on the subject of Mountain Biking the Maine Huts & Trails System it includes important information including trail closures and inaccessible routes.

NEMBA Carrabassett RegionWe want to give a big shout-out to the Carrabassett Region NEMBA and the Town of Carrabassett Valley for helping make mountain biking in this region possible! It is through our sponsorship and coordination that we’ve been able to create new trails and establish this area of Maine as a renowned destination for mountain biking. It’s with our coordination that we will continue to provide the best opportunities possible for mountain biking enthusiasts to beginners alike. Visit their website and help support our joint efforts in making this area the best riding in New England.

Best Riding Conditions

Generally, and unless posted otherwise, trails are open for riding from mid-June to late-October.

Hut-to-hut biking

It is possible to bike hut-to-hut between all huts, however, we do not recommend biking from Grand Falls to West Forks.

Non-MH&T Trails

Hybrid bikes can be used on nearby beginner routes including the Narrow Gauge Trail, Carriage Road, Long Falls Dam Road and hut service roads (call for information, not marked on map)

Recommended nearby mountain biking can be found at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center (beginner to advanced) and Stratton Brook Trail (intermediate), Narrow Gauge Trail (beginner), Carriage Road (beginner) It is possible to bike to these locations. Vehicle drive time to Outdoor Center: 15 minutes from Poplar trailhead; 30 minutes from Flagstaff trailhead.

Bike Rental

Rentals are available at the Carrabassett Valley Bike Shop (207) 671-3560.

Maine Huts & Trails Biking Rules

In addition to commonly understood rules of the road, we also wish to emphasize the following points when using the Maine Huts & Trails system:

  1. Please adhere to posted signage along the system indicating areas open/appropriate for biking and those that are closed to bikes.
  2. Control your bike and ride responsibly.
  3. Always yield. Hikers have the right of way. When approaching from the rear, slow down and announce your presence. Pass slowly and safely.
  4. Please dismount and walk (or carry) your bike through wet areas.
  5. When riding on gravel roads use caution and watch for oncoming vehicles.
Links to Area Mountain Biking Maps and Itineraries