Guest Stories & Reviews

Our grand Maine adventure
July 30, 2017

We four "mature" adults from the South embarked on a grand week-long adventure of hiking the huts and trails system in Maine. We stayed at all four huts, hiking and paddling from one to the next over six days. We gratefully utilized the awesome gear shuttle service with wonderful results to make our hikes from place to place great walks in the woods, unencumbered by the heavier necessities. The staff were absolutely first rate everywhere we traveled. The food was delicious. The trails are well maintained and marked. Even though we shouldn't have favorites, I think it's safe to say that we did. Grand Falls. And Grace and Erin, our hosts there, made it even more special. Thanks, Ladies! We also were fortunate to share the final night of our journey at Flagstaff where we met and interacted with many of the Board of Directors of Maine Huts, as well as the Director, CarolAnn. They are so passionate about this whole experience an d it is evident in the product! Finally, as we made our way back to reality, we stopped at the office in Kingfield where we saw CarolAnn hard at work again and met Kelsey. Kelsey was our first phone contact representative in planning our adventure and was instrumental in making it all come together. It was great to come full circle from when we had begun our planning about six months previous. Thanks Kelsey! A wonderful adventure!
Walt and Deon, Todd and Lisa

Flagstaff Mountain Bike Trip
July 24, 2017

Overall our experience was outstanding! The staff was great, food was delicious, and the facility was perfect. We had been up hut to hut snowshoeing in February and had a fantastic time. The trails on mountain bikes in the summer were a whole new and challenging experience. Loved being able to swim in Flagstaff lake after a hard and muddy day of biking. Thank you!
My only constructive criticism is that I respected the no phone policy and gave my three children who were home alone the number to the hut. One of my sons had a bit of an issue while we were away and tried the hut number on four separate occasions but nobody answered the phone. He could not get a message to us. Luckily it wasn't a total emergency but it was a concern.


Long Weekend
July 22, 2017

This was my second visit to Maine Huts & Trails and it was awesome! There are so many options for activities it is hard to decide how to spend your days. I was able to get in a great hike and learned how to paddleboard. The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable with tips on where to go, and the meals they made were excellent. Already looking forward to next time!


Flagstaff Hut
July 22, 2017

The huts were beautiful, the staff was great, we had a blast. The only suggestion we had is that the trail map can be misguiding for mountain biking. The hemlock trail is listed as a hike/bike trail and it is not really a bike trail. A few other bikers we met made the mistake of taking it.


Night with the Stars
July 7, 2017

Fantastic evening at Poplar Hut with chef/author Christine Rudalevige! Lovely dinner and good conversation with old and new friends! Summer is a wonderful time to visit this part of Maine. Excellent experience with both reservation staff and Hut crew. I've already booked another visit to both Flagstaff and Grand Falls later this month.


Fantastic and Challenging
June 28, 2017

Our annual girls outing took us to Grand Falls Hut this year. The hike and paddle made this trip unique for us. All was do able although the take out was a bit challenging. Hut was beautiful but the highlight of our trip besides the falls was Emily our host at the hut. What an amazingly talented woman she was. Passionate about the hut system especially her hut. Outstanding cook and so knowledgeable about the hut system and area. Just loved to listen to her. Her tour of the hut only furthered my realization that she needed to know much more than cooking and greeting guests. She needed to be fully able to operate complicated systems - solar, wood furnace and toilet system. WOW. Impressive.