Hiking at Maine Huts & Trails

Boys hiking in fallMaine Huts & Trails provides unparalleled access to some of the most pristine natural places in the world, and whether you’re interested in a week-long hiking expedition or a scenic day hike, you'll find a trail that fits. The huts are connected by trails of mild to moderate difficulty; the distance between each hut is approximately twelve miles, about a day’s hike. Some hikers choose to increase their mileage by exploring the Bigelow Preserve or venturing onto the Appalachian Trail, which crosses the hut-to-hut trail.
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Guided Hiking Trips

Sometimes the best way to experience unfamiliar terrain is with an experienced guide. When hiking with a guide, you’ll summit technical terrain safely, and learn more about the history of the area, including the native plant and animal species. 

Guided Hike to Grand Falls HutGuided hiking trips 


Be prepared for varying terrain, including rock gardens, small stream crossings, and rolling hills. The entire Maine Huts & Trails system is below tree line, and there are no dangerous steeps or hand-over-hand climbing. There are many places along the trail to stop and take in the view, or even cool off in a stream or waterfall. 


Maine Hut TrailSuggested Routes

There are endless hiking options both on the main trails and throughout the surrounding mountains. If you’re hiking from hut to hut, you’ll spend most of your time on the Maine Hut Trail, the connecting trail between all four huts. For a complete look at all the trails, including elevation changes, be sure to check out the trail map.  


Boys hiking in fall
Guided Hike to Grand Falls Hut
Maine Hut Trail