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  • Family Activities
  • Fire Pit / Campfire
  • Hiking
  • Nature / Wildlife
  • Skiing
  • Snowshoeing


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Skiing | Snowshoeing | Fat Tire Biking | Ice Fishing



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Flagstaff Hut is situated on the east shore of Flagstaff Lake, the perfect place for families and friends to relax and recharge together.

Winter is an opportunity for an unforgettable winter adventure. Skiing, snoweshoeing and fat biking are all perfect choices for accessing Flagstaff Hut. 

Lunch is open to day visitors on Saturdays & Sundays during full service season; see more here >>

Maine Huts & Trails would like to offer special thanks to L.L. Bean, Inc. and Leon and Lisa Gorman for making this hut possible.


Explore Flagstaff Lake Hut

Inside the Hut

Bunk Room Layout

Flagstaff Lake Hut Video




Capacity 48 people
Private 12 people (4 bunkrooms)
Shared 36 people (6 bunkrooms)
Bunkroom Sizes 3, 4, 6 and 8-person

Getting There

Closest Trailhead Long Falls Dam Rd. Trailhead
Trailhead → Hut 2.20 miles
Kingfield → Trailhead 30.60 miles
GPS Coordinates 45° 11.877′N, -70° 10.645′W
Elevation 1162 ft
Elevation of Closest Trailhead 1203 ft


Poplar 11.60 miles
Grand Falls 11.50 miles
Stratton Brook 19.40 miles

Other Trailheads

Campbell Field Trailhead
18.00 miles
Rt 27/Stratton Brook Trailhead
19.60 miles
Outdoor Center
18.80 miles
Airport Trailhead
15.10 miles
Big Eddy Trailhead
3.80 miles
West Forks Trailhead
25.90 miles