Thank You For A Great Winter

We had so much fun at Stratton Brook Hut with our Vittles and Views Lunches

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us at the Stratton Brook Hut. You brought great energy with you to the top of the hill, helped us create opportunities, and enabled us to tuck away some great memories from this crazy, wonderful winter 2020-2021.

All of our fantastic volunteer caretakers who took such great care of Stratton Brook Hut and kept it warm - from before Christmas right up to the end of March

The team at Big Tree Hospitality

Orange Cat Cafe

Spencer, Jess, Will, and Eli

Baxter Outdoors / Baxter Brewing

Athletic Brewing

Shipyard Brew Haus

Our wonderful host, Wendy Gallant.

Our support crew Heidi Will, Stacie Johnston, and the wonderful event volunteers who made everything work

And everyone who ventured up to the hut on skis, skins, snowshoes, tennis shoes, and really big bike tires.


The profits made from Vittles and Views lunches will support the stewardship and improvement of our trails.  A special shout out and thanks to Big Tree Hospitality, Spencer, Baxter Outdoors/Brewing, and Athletic Brewing who each contributed generously back to the winter trail stewardship fund. The events themselves and the funding support make this a truly successful winter experience, for which we are very grateful.

We will be looping back shortly with more information about our warmer months activities.  In the meantime, get outside, find great adventures, and be where your feet are.


News & Updates

MH&T Volunteers - The Foundation Blocks of 2020

We wish to thank the many dozens of volunteer caretakers who did such an outstanding job attending to the huts this summer. Thanks to your efforts, the huts are in really good shape, the trails are terrific, and our mission and vision are still alive. Between the first week of July and the last week of October, families and COVID prepared "social bubbles" were able to enjoy the splendor of Flagstaff Hut. What an opportunity to share in a special place during a crazy, crazy time. With winter soon upon us, we will need stewardship help at Stratton Brook Hut. Visit our volunteer page for more information. And Thank You.

Trail Conditions

This winter season, we will be posting trail condition updates to the Maine Huts & Trails Facebook Page instead of on our website. Be sure to Follow @MaineHuts on Facebook to receive notifications about new posts.