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Winter Huts:

Flagstaff Lake Hut, Poplar Stream & Stratton Brook Hut are now open!

Winter rentals are now available online to start your reservation process. Please follow the guided reservation process online to start planning your winter adventure today!

Important Information to review before booking your online reservation.

  • COVID Policy: All guests, staff & volunteers (who are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination) must be fully vaccinated against COVID19 at least 2 weeks prior to visiting Maine Huts & Trails. For additional information regarding our COVID-19 policy, please click here. At this time all visitors up a the hut must wear a mask in the common areas. 
  • Trip Types: There are two different types of trips available to guests this winter. The Full Service and Self-Service experience will be available to guests on specific days of the week so please plan accordingly depending on what type of winter adventure you would like. Additional information regarding trip types can be found here
  • New this year: Full-service guests will receive a trail snack instead of a bagged lunch (Snacks vary buy may include: Fruit, R.E.D.D. protein bar, granola, Cabot cheese stick; etc.) If guests would like to purchase a sandwich between their hut-to-hut adventure please inform your hut staff member at check-in.
  • Grand Falls will not be open this winter. Our team is working hard to bring this winter experience back in 2022. Trails will not be maintained out to Grand Falls this season. 
  • The Big Eddy Parking lot will not be plowed this winter as there will be NO access to Grand Falls Hut. All Flagstaff Lake Hut guests should park on the Long Falls Dam / Flagstaff parking lot. 
  • Each of our Huts will ensure a fun and one of a kind winter experience. Learn more about each hut here: Stratton Brook Hut, Poplar Stream Hut and Flagstaff Hut


The Maine Hut Trail is open for hiking, fat biking, X-C skiing and snowshoeing!

  • The Maine Hut Trail and mountain bike trails in the area of Stratton Brook Hut and Poplar Hut are in really good shape thanks to the efforts and sharp saws of MH&T, the Carrabassett Valley Trail Master Crew, CRNEMBA volunteers, and passers through who toss a saw in their pack just in case. Thank you. As the ground begins to freeze, please use caution as some of the bridges and trails may be slippery.  
  • The bridges along the Dead River stretch of the MH Trail to Grand Falls Hut are in poor shape and the trail has not been mowed. We do not advise traveling on this trail at this time. Plans to repair and upgrade the bridges in 2022 are underway.

Winter Events:

There are many great events on the trails and in the Valley this fall as we work diligently to climb out of the impacts of the pandemic, and our MH&T experience continues to improve:

  • Check back often for a list of upcoming events 

News & Updates

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Trail Conditions

This fall and winter, we will be posting trail condition updates to the Maine Huts & Trails Facebook Page instead of on our website. Be sure to Follow @MaineHuts on Facebook to receive notifications about new posts.

MH&T Volunteers - The Foundation Blocks of 2021

Maine Huts & Trails wishes to thank the many, many volunteers who have supported us - propped us - and leaned-in your shoulders and hard work for us to be here today - poised for a great winter ahead. MH&T welcomes you - and needs you - to be part of our comeback! Check out our volunteer opportunities here! Maine Huts & Trails - reimagined, reinvigorated, and community inspired.