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Hut-to-Hut Adventures Multi-Use Trails Fun for Individuals to Groups

Year-Round Recreation

Hut-to-Hut Adventure

A Multi-Use Trail System

Fun for Individuals and Groups

Maine Huts & Trails is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create and operate a world-class system of backcountry trails and eco-lodges for people-powered recreation to enhance the economy, communities and environment of Maine's Western Mountain region for the benefit of current and future generations.
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

There is always something fun going on at Maine Huts & Trails. Don't be the last to know, check out what we've got happening this season!
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Four huts, miles of trails, activities for four seasons – how to choose? Answer three simple questions and we'll list the trips and sample itineraries you'll enjoy most.
Employment Opportunities at Maine Huts & Trails

Work With Us

If you think hiking, biking, paddling and skiing should be part of your workday and 'work hard, play hard' is your personal motto, your dream job could be waiting for you at Maine Huts & Trails. We're hiring!
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What Guests Are Saying

"Photogenic." "Welcoming." "Wonderful." "Well groomed." "Spectacular." "Comfortable." "Fabulous." "LOVE!" This has been your Maine Huts & Trails vocabulary drill. There will be a quiz!

How to Get Here

Booked your huts trip? You need maps, driving directions to our office and to the trailheads, in all seasons.

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As a member of Maine Huts & Trails, you're doing more than getting access to one of the most pristine parts of Maine – you're helping us make history.