Trail Descriptions

Maintained by a dedicated year-round crew, the trail system at Maine Huts & Trails is unforgettable. Featuring winding switchbacks, sandy paths along mountain streams, natural bridges, and incredible views, the trails leading to the huts are some of the best in the world. When using the trail system, you’ll be following white and blue diamonds; white for the main trail which is groomed for skiing in the winter, and blue for ungroomed side trails.

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Stratton Brook Hut from the Route 27/Stratton Brook Trailhead in Carrabassett Valley 

From the trailhead, follow the trail from the parking lot kiosk for about 75 yards. This short trail connects to the northern end of the Narrow Gauge trail; take a left. Continue over a bridge and take a right, staying on the Narrow Gauge trail. Continue down the Narrow Gauge, gently losing elevation. After about 0.5 miles you'll see the sign for Newton’s Revenge on the left.

Trailhead Parking - The Campbell Field Trailhead (on Rt 27) is open for parking and a slightly longer hike up to the hut. 

*Over-night parking NOT permitted 

Options Include:
1. Airport trailhead parking lot (behind the SugarBowl).

2. The Anti-Gravity Center is an alternative parking area; however, overnight guests MUST park in the area to the left of the overhead garage doors. Do not block the exit. The parking spaces at the Carrabassett Valley Library are reserved for library parking.

Trail Travel to Stratton Brook Hut... 

Via Newton’s Revenge

Newton’s Revenge starts with a gentle uphill slowly getting steeper while winding its way up via switchbacks. Just before the start of the steep switchbacks, at about 1.5 miles, you'll see an intersection for Crommet’s Trail; taking a right here will take you to Poplar Hut. Continue up Newton’s Revenge towards Stratton Brook Hut. Take a left onto the service road and continue approximately 1/10 of a mile to the hut.Total distance is about 3 miles, or about 1.5 hours. 

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Via Oak Knoll from Narrow Gauge Trail 

After about 0.25 miles on Newton’s Revenge, you'll see a sign for Oak Knoll on the left. At this point, Oak Knoll is a single track with beautifully crafted stone switchbacks, winding up to Stratton Brook Hut. You’ll cross over the service road twice; but continue straight, staying on Oak Knoll. You'll come to a “T” intersection where Oak Knoll joins Newton’s Revenge. Take a right onto Newton’s Revenge, and continue about 50 yards until you connect to the service road. At this point you have two options to get to Stratton Brook hut: take a hard left and continue 100 yards to the hut, OR continue straight to a single track trail. This trail winds through the woods and exposes great views of Sugarloaf. This is a 0.5 mile section that will leads to Stratton Brook Hut. Distance from Stratton Brook trailhead is just under 4 miles and will take about 3 hours.

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Via Narrow Gauge Trail to Crommet’s Trail

From Stratton Brook Trailhead, start down the single track trail near the kiosk for about 150 yards. You'll connect on the Northern end of the Narrow Gauge trail; take a left. Continue about 250 yards over a bridge and take a right, staying on the Narrow Gauge trail. Continue down the Narrow Gauge as it gently declines in elevation. The Narrow Gauge trail is a double-track trail great for classic and skate skiing; it follows the Carrabassett River and makes a slow and steady downhill to Crommet’s Trail. About 3 miles down the Narrow Gauge, turn left onto Crommet’s, beginning a steady uphill climb. The trail will gradually level, but still continues to ascend. You’ll cross one intersection around mile 1.5, bear right, and continue on Crommet’s. (If you take this left you'll end up back at the Narrow Gauge Trail). You're now on Newton’s Revenge. Continue for .9 miles. Right before the service road, you'll see where Oak Knoll comes in on the right. Continue to your last intersection, about 1/10 of a mile; take a left to Stratton Brook hut.

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From the Airport Trailhead

Park at the Airport Trailhead, then follow the trail into the woods at the end of the airport runway. Continue to the multi-use footbridge that crosses the Carrabassett River. After the bridge, you’ll encounter a four-way intersection. Be sure to read all trail signs closely and refer to your map as needed; this intersection can be tricky. There are two trails on the right; the Narrow Gauge Trail (sharp right along the river) and the Maine Hut Trail (slight right into the woods). You'll be taking the Maine Hut Trail into the woods. The trail starts out flat and then increases to rolling terrain with a small uphill climb. After a quick downhill, the trail crosses the Carriage Road, (watch for logging trucks), and continues to a footbridge over Poplar Stream. You now have three options for getting to Poplar Hut, (see below). Distance from the airport trailhead to the footbridge is 1.1 miles; about 1 hour on foot.

Poplar Hut via the Maine Hut Trail

Continue across the footbridge over Poplar Stream, then turn left. The trail starts out flat and begins to climb after the intersection with Larry’s Trail. In the winter, be on the watch for descending skiers. The trail levels off for the last mile, exposing nice views of Little Bigelow. Continue over a foot bridge and you’ll come to a Maine Huts & Trails sign. Take a right to the hut. Distance is about 3.2 miles. 

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Poplar Hut via Warren’s Trail

Just before the footbridge take a left onto Warren’s Trail, following the west side of Poplar Stream. This winding trail ascends through ancient tree growth and makes for a great loop to see waterfalls and wildlife. Continue on Warren’s Trail until you come to the service road; take a right onto the service road and over Poplar Stream Bridge. Turn right after the bridge at the Maine Huts & Trails sign, this trail turns back to a single path through the woods. Continue straight on the trail; after 100 yards you'll come to an intersection. To continue to Poplar Hut take a left, following the blue diamonds. The trail from here is a gradual ascent. Continue to your next trail intersection; turn right. You're now on the Maine Hut Trail, just 0.03 miles to Poplar Hut.

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Poplar Hut via Larry’s Trail

Continue across the footbridge over Poplar Stream, take a left. You'll be on Maine Hut Trail for about 1 mile. This section starts out flat, with an uphill rise to the intersection with Larry’s Trail. Take a left onto Larry’s Trail, following the east side of Poplar Stream. Continue up Larry’s Trail as it winds through the forest, where you’ll encounter rolling hills until you come to a bridge crossing the South Branch of Poplar Stream. Approximately 100 yards after crossing the bridge, you'll come to an intersection. Bear left on Larry’s Trail to continue to Poplar Hut. Ascend the rock steps; at the top you'll see an intersection marker for Warren’s Trail, this trail will bring you back to the footbridge. Stay on Larry’s trail; it will continue uphill. Turn right at the next intersection, onto the Maine Hut Trail, just 0.03 miles to Poplar Hut. 

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Flagstaff Hut via Long Falls Dam Trailhead

The trail starts from the right of the kiosk. From the trailhead there are two ways into Flagstaff Hut: the Shore Trail and the Maine Hut Trail.

Flagstaff Hut via the Shore Trail

From the kiosk, follow the white diamond blazed Main Hut Trail for 0.2 miles until you come to an intersection. Go straight onto The Shore Trail, which will follow the shoreline of Flagstaff Lake. At 1.4 miles you'll come to an intersection; bear left on the Shore Trail. In 0.3 miles you will come to another intersection; bear right and continue on the Shore Trail to Flagstaff Hut, 0.2 miles. Total distance is 2.1 miles.

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Flagstaff Hut via the Maine Hut Trail

From the trailhead proceed on the Maine Hut Trail (white signs) for about 0.2 miles; you'll come to a four way intersection. Take a right. The trail has some gentle inclines and declines, but is generally flat. At mile 1.4 you'll take a hard right, staying on the Maine Hut Trail. Continue for 0.3 miles then bear left, this will bring you to the service road. At 0.1 miles, take another left and continue on the Maine Hut Trail, just 0.2 miles from Flagstaff Hut. Total distance is 2.2 miles.

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Grand Falls Hut from the Big Eddy Trailhead (7.8 miles)

Note: Parking at the Big Eddy Trailhead is not managed by Maine Huts & Trails and is a public parking area.

From the parking area, turn left and walk along the Long Falls Dam Road for 0.25 miles. Turn left onto Dead River Road (the dirt camp road) and continue 0.1 miles and watch for the trail to leave the dirt road on the left side. Turn left off the dirt camp road and continue 0.6 miles. The trail will then rejoin the dirt camp road for a short time; when you see a gate across the dirt camp road, keep left and follow the trail signs parallel to the Dead River for 5.5 miles before reaching the Tom & Kate Chappell Footbridge. The Tom & Kate Chappell Footbridge is a walking bridge that spans the Dead River. After the bridge, you can continue straight along the wider ski trail for 0.6 miles, or bear right onto the narrower Falls Trail for 0.3 miles, which will take you by the Grand Falls waterfall. Where the two trails converge again, continue on for another 0.2 miles to another bridge, which crosses Spencer Stream. After crossing this bridge, continue up the hill and along the trail another 0.9 miles to Grand Falls Hut. 

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