Guided & Group Trips

Paddling along the Shore

Maine Huts & Trails warmly welcomes groups of all sizes to experience an adventure in the Maine woods, besides, its more fun when there’s a party! We also provide access to experts and specialty guides who can deliver an experience to last a lifetime to parties of all sizes.

Summer Trips

Flagstaff Canoe & Camp TripFlagstaff Canoe & Camp Trip>>

4-Day/3-Night @ 1 Hut (Flagstaff Hut)

Join us on a summer paddling or peak foliage adventure! We will combine the comfort of two overnight stays at our beautiful Flagstaff Hut with an adventure canoe paddle and overnight camp-out on the shore of Flagstaff Lake.

Trip Dates: August 2nd-5th, August 23rd-26th, September 6th-9th, September 20th-23rd

Cost: Member: $288/Adult, $166.50/Child (17 & under), Non Member: $320/Adult, $185/Child (17 & under)

Dead River Paddle TripDead River Paddle Trip>>

3-Day/2-Night @ 1 Hut (Grand Falls Hut)

Paddling down the Dead River to get to our Grand Falls Hut might just be our favorite way to make the journey, which is the reason we designed this fully-guided adventure. Let a Registered Maine Guide lead you on a 6-mile, flat-water paddle down the Upper Dead then stow the boats and hike the remaining 2 miles to the Hut. Spend two nights at Grand Falls and enjoy everything this hut has to offer while we take care of all the details.

Trip Dates: July 11th-13th, July 18th-20th, July 25th-27th, August 15th-17th, August 29th-31st, September 12th-14th, September 26th-28th, October 3rd-5th

Cost: Member: $207/Adult, $126/Child (17 & under), Non Member: $230/Adult, $140/Child (17 & under)

Canoeing across Flagstaff Lake-croppedFlagstaff Day Paddle>>

1-Day/2-Night @ 1 Hut (Flagstaff Hut)

Join us on a one-day paddle trip on beautiful Flagstaff Lake! We will combine the luxury of a two-night stay at our Flagstaff Hut with an all day paddling adventure with a Registered Maine Guide.

Trip Dates: July 23rd-25th, August 6th-8th, August 20th-22nd, September 3rd-5th, September 17th-19th, October 8th-10th, October 22nd-24th

Cost: Member: $162/Adult, $81/Child (17 & under), Non Member: $180/Adult, $90/Child (17 & under)

LLBODS Summer Weekend Getaway - Kayak Camping AdventureSummer Weekend Getaway – Kayak Camping Adventure with L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools>>

3-Day/2-Night @ 1 Hut (Flagstaff Hut)

Exploring in and around beautiful Flagstaff Lake and Bigelow Mountain, this weekend getaway allows you to enjoy hiking and canoeing – plus a kayak camping adventure – in a lovely wilderness setting.

Our Guides will take you on a guided excursion through Bigelow Preserve’s network of hiking trails. You’ll get a chance to see up close the abundance of wildlife that inhabit this area. You’ll spend the night at a remote campground where your guides will cook a tasty meal, enhanced by the ambiance of a crackling fire. Afterwards, you’ll swap stories with them, play games and relax in the great outdoors. Then, you’ll settle into our comfortable tents for a restful night’s sleep.

In the morning, you’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast and pack your gear into our kayaks. You’ll leisurely paddle across the water to Flagstaff Hut, renowned for its beauty and state-of-the-art “off the grid” design.

The perfect Getaway for you and your family or friends!

Trip Dates: August 14th-16th

For more information go to our website or call our reservation specialist at (888) 552- 3261

Family enjoying a summer hikeGuided Bigelow Hike>>

1-Day/2-Night @ 1 Hut (Stratton Brook Hut)

Join Maine Huts & Trails for a guided hike up Bigelow Mountain. Enjoy stunning views from the summit including views of Maine’s fourth largest lake, Flagstaff. Spend the day taking in the natural beauty of Western Maine.

Trip Dates: July 31st-August 2nd,  September 4th-6th, September 18th-20th, October 16th-18th

Cost: Member: $187/Adult, $106/Youth, Non-Member: $205/Adult, $115/Youth

Bikers on the Oak Knoll TrailBike with a Guide>>

1-Day/1-Night @ 1 Hut (Poplar Hut or Stratton Brook Hut)

Let an experienced mountain biker introduce you to all great trails that Carrabassett Valley has to offer. Begin with a warm up ride at the Outdoor Center then explore the wide variety of trails in and around our Stratton Brook and Poplar Huts before biking into your destination hut for a cool beverage, tasty meal and relaxing hut atmosphere.

Trip Dates: July 16th-17th, July 23rd-24th, July 30th-31st, August 6th-7th, August 13th-14th, August 20th-21st, August 27th-28th, September 3rd-4th, September 10th-11th, September 17th-18th, September 24th-25th, October 1st-2nd, October 8th-9th, October 15th-16th, October 22nd-23rd

Cost: Member: $81/Adult, $40.50/Child (17 & under), Non Member: $90/Adult, $45/Child (17 & under)

RoundLogo2011Stargazing with Northern Stars Planetarium>>

Come view the night sky with us at Stratton Brook Hut or Flagstaff Hut

Spend the weekend relaxing in the comfort of a hut, hike, bike or paddle during the day and see the wonders of the night sky first hand with John Meader from Northern Stars Planetarium. Enjoy learning about the night sky, constellations, our solar system, our moon and much more!

Show Topics Include:  night sky • constellations • the solar system •comets • Moon • planetary motions • stellar evolution •galaxies • space exploration • sky-lore • telescopes

Trip Dates: August 8th – 9th at Stratton Brook Hut, September 19th – 20th at Flagstaff Hut

Cost: Member: $106/Adult, $65.50/Youth (17 & under), Non Member: $115/Adult, $70/Youth (17 & under)

Winter Trips

Snowshoeing Newtons Revenge Trail1-Hut Guided Snowshoe >>

2-Day/1-Night @ 1 Hut (Stratton Brook Hut)

Join us on a guided adventure up our newest trail, Oak Knoll, to the Stratton Brook Hut. Snowshoe through the woods on a beautifully wild trail, weaving through the forest with the confidence of a Registered Maine Guide. Experience the challenge of the vertical climb and be rewarded with outstanding views of Sugarloaf and Bigelow Mountains. Enjoy three delicious meals, hot showers, a warm fieldstone fireplace and wonderful atmosphere.

Trip Dates: December 19 – 20, December 28 – 29, January 1 – 2, January 21 – 22 (Value Trip), March 3 – 4 (Value Trip), March 11 – 12

Value Trip Cost: Member: $166/Adult; $125.50/Youth (17 & Under), Non-Member: $175/Adult; $130/Youth

Peak Trip Cost: Member: $193/Adult; $139/Youth, Non-Member: $205/Adult; $145/Youth

ski family square1-Hut Guided Ski Intro >>

2-Day/1-Night @1 Hut (Poplar Hut)

Glide through the forest on freshly groomed trails with confidence. You’ll meet your guide at the Airport Trailhead, then ascend 3.2 miles, over rolling hills and through ancient hardwood groves to Poplar Hut, perched above Poplar Falls. At the hut, you’ll find a glowing fire and friendly staff. Relax, stretch, and take a hot shower while dinner is prepared for you.Enjoy a locally sourced spread, featuring whole grains, fresh produce, local beer and a great selection of wine. From here, the night is yours- get lost in a book from our library, enjoy spending time with friends old and new, or simply retire to the bunk room for a well-deserved rest. In the morning, fill up with a hot, wholesome breakfast and grab a bagged trail lunch prepared by the hut staff. With your guide, enjoy an exhilarating cruise down wide, rolling trails; the perfect cool down from a rejuvenating getaway.

Trip Dates: February 11 – 12 (Value Trip), March 18 – 19, March 26 – 27

Value Trip Cost: Member: $166/Adult; $125.50/Youth (17 & Under), Non-Member: $175/Adult; $130/Youth

Peak Trip Cost: Member: $193/Adult; $139/Youth, Non-Member: $205/Adult; $145/Youth

Skiing Couple Square2-Hut Guided Ski Adventure >>

3-Day/2-Night @ 2 Huts (Poplar Hut > Stratton Brook Hut)

Gear up for a three day, two night hut-to-hut adventure. Let a Registered Maine Guide introduce you to our backcountry trails on the way into Poplar Hut for the first night. Experience the stunning views along Crommet’s Overlook on the way to Stratton Brook Hut, where you’ll spend your second night. Delicious meals, hot showers, crackling woodstoves and friendly people await you at each hut.

Trip Dates: January 8 – 10, February 24 – 26 (Value Trip), March 23 – 25 (Value Trip)

Value Trip Cost: Member: $307/Adult; $226/Youth (17 & Under), Non-Member: $325/Adult; $235/Youth

Peak Trip Cost: Member: $361/Adult; $253/Youth, Non-Member: $385/Adult; $265/Youth

Three women skiing square3-Hut Guided Ski Tour >>

4-Day/3-Night @ 3 Huts (Flagstaff Hut > Poplar Hut > Stratton Brook Hut

Experience three huts over four days of adventure with a Registered Maine Guide. Explore scenic backcountry trails while taking in views of Flagstaff Lake, Bigelow and Sugarloaf Mountains as you visit Flagstaff, Poplar and Stratton Brook Huts. As always, you can look forward to hearty home-cooked meals, hot showers, toasty bunkrooms and cozy spots in front of the fireplace.

Trip Dates: January 12 – 15, February 7 – 10, March 7 – 10

Cost: Member: $448/Adult, $326.50/Youth (17 & Under), Non-Member: $475/Adult, $340/Youth

Sunset Skiers on Flagstaff Square4-Hut Guided Ski Expedition >>

5-Day/4-Night @ 4 Huts (Grand Falls Hut > Flagstaff Hut > Poplar Hut > Stratton Brook Hut)

This four night, five day trip includes all four huts and 50 miles of skiing along the Dead River, Flagstaff Lake and through the ancient woods of Western Maine. Ski to all four welcoming eco-lodges and experience the adventure and beauty of the Maine woods while in the company of a Registered Maine Guide. Enjoy three delicious meals each day, hot showers, inviting field-stone fireplaces and relaxing atmosphere.

Trip Dates: January 25 – 29, February 1 – 5, March 13 – 17

Cost: Member: $624/Adult, $462/Youth (17 & Under), Non-Member: $660/Adult, $480/Youth

Group Trips

Maine Huts & Trails welcomes your group or club. From school groups and scout trips to reunions and retreats, we will work with you to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Making Advanced Reservations

We recommend you book your reservation as early as possible to ensure space, but no later than 7 days prior to arrival. All group and full-hut reservations must be made by phone or email.

Full-Hut vs. Group Rentals

Groups: A single reservation for 12 or more people is considered eligible for special, discounted rates. Other guests may be at the hut at the same time as your group. A single organizer is responsible for coordinating reservations, payments and all planning.

Full-Hut: A full-hut rental provides your group full and exclusive access to the hut. Full hut rentals are most cost-effective for very large parties.

Rates & Payment Schedule

Reservations require a 25% non-refundable deposit at booking with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to arrival. See the rates page for fees and FAQ’s for cancellation policies.

Youth Groups

We offer many opportunities for learning at Maine Huts & Trails!

  • Are you interested in outdoor survival skills and adventures?
  • Are you interested in community service?
  • Are you interested in an experience where you can combine a trip in the outdoors with a chance to learn something new?

Please contact us to see how your school group might come and enjoy this unique opportunity. We will provide your school with assistance in preparing for your trip, such as attending a parent information meeting, helping with class choices or by answering general questions.

Contact Information

Merrie Woodworth
Youth Programs Manager
Phone: (207) 265-2400 | Email:

Summer Partners

Maine Huts & Trails partners with a number of specialized vendors and independent guides whose services compliment our offerings. Click the vendor names below for more information on available trips.

Guided_Distant_JourneysDistant Journeys>>

Phone: (888) 845-5781

Live new landscapes on a distant journey. For 25 years, Distant Journeys has specialized in offering hiking vacations and walking tours along classic long-distance routes and to areas of inspiring natural beauty.

Call or visit their website for more information and reservations.

Guided_Flagstaff_LakesFlagstaff Lake Scenic Boat Tours>>

Phone: (207) 246-2277

Join Master Maine Guide Jeff Hinman for an unforgettable Maine experience on Flagstaff Lake; complete with breath-taking views, the rich history of the area, and memories to last a lifetime. Take in scenic views of the Bigelow Mountain Range, learn the fascinating history of Flagstaff Lake and the lost village of Flagstaff, and spot native Maine wildlife like bald eagles, loons and even the occasional moose.

Call or visit their website for more information and reservations.


Phone: 1-800-20-KAYAK

Welcome to H2Outfitters where you’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop kayaking skills and to use your new found repertoire to bring you enjoyment on the shores of a foreign land, a secluded island, or a wilderness waterway.

For close to 30 years we have been teaching kayakers at all levels from novices to eco-challenge competitors the necessary skills to achieve paddling proficiency. Whether it be a three-hour skills focused workshop or one of our multi-day overnight trips in the US, Canada or abroad, we continue to maintain a position at the cutting edge of technical instruction, offering just the right amount of direction for optimal results. The selection of trips we have chosen are to destinations and locales we feel offer extraordinary views of the world in which we live. Several have received critical acclaim on an international level, but it is ultimately what we hear from you that gives us the basis on which to develop still more trips of note!

Guided_Northern_OutdoorsKennebec River Angler with Chris Russell>>

Phone: (207) 672-3408

Drift fishing the Dead River – Kennebec River Angler is the creation of three friends, all border-line fishing fanatics, who have taken their time to hone their craft and are now ready to share the great fishing they have discovered. Mike, Greg and Chris have been working together as whitewater rafting guides for nearly 20 years. During that time, we’ve constantly explored the fishing potential in our area and compared them to the whole state. Quite frankly, we’ve kept them as our guarded secrets. Recently, we’ve decided that what we have to offer for fishing experiences is as good, if not better, than anywhere else in the State of Maine.

LLBODS Summer Weekend Getaway - Kayak Camping AdventureL.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools>>

Phone: (888) 552-3261

Enjoy overnight trips with the expert guides of L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools!

Indulge your adventurous spirit – join us for one- and two-night multi-sport trips, a weekend getaway or take your adventure to the next level on an Island Kayak Camping Expedition. Browse our selection of trips at and book your trip today!

For more information go to our website or call our reservation specialist at (888) 552- 3261

Guided_Mountain_GuideMountain Guide Service>>

Phone: (207) 319-9583

Ready for the next evolution in your MHT experience? Want to kick it up a notch and have an adventure to tell your friends and family? Rock climbing, Bigelow backpacking, and backcountry paddle trips await you! Click here!

Call or visit their website for more information and reservations.

Guided_Kennebec_River_ANorthern Outdoors Hut-to-Hut Hiking>>

Phone: 800-765-7238

Enjoy Maine Guided Hut-to-Hut Hiking with Northern Outdoors as Your Adventure Resort Center May through October. Experience the real inland Maine with great hiking to brand new, eco-friendly huts in the North Woods and fantastic rafting on Maine’s Kennebec and Dead Rivers. Choose from Hut-to Hut Hiking and Hike & Raft packages that utilize the Maine Huts & Trails system of first class hiking trails and comfortable backcountry huts. Enjoy a hot shower, delicious home-cooked meal, and good night’s rest on a comfortable bed at the end of each day. Classic Maine wilderness hikes in style!

Guided_Western_MountainWestern Mountains Fly Fishing with Bob Duport>>

Phone: (207) 235-2573

In the Western Mountains of Maine, Outfitter and registered Maine guide Bob Duport would like to offer you a truly different guided fishing experience. Bob offers personalized wading, canoe, cataraft, or driftboat trips to fly fish remote rivers and ponds throughout Maine’s legendary Rangeley Lakes, Androscoggin, and Kennebec river watersheds. His fly fishing and casting instruction is offered in a simple, effective and innovative style.

Winter Partners

Maine Huts & Trails partners with a number of specialized vendors and independent guides whose services compliment our offerings. Click the vendor names below for more information on available trips.

Guided_BredesonBredeson Outdoor Adventures>>

Phone: (866) 833-4361

Maine Wilderness Hut to Hut Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing.

A guided hut-to-hut snowshoeing or cross-country skiing adventure with creature comforts in the beautiful wilderness region of Western Maine. Join Bredeson Outdoor Adventures for a four day, three night guided hut to hut snowshoeing or cross country skiing tour in the wilderness region of Western Maine.

LLBean Outdoor Discovery SchoolsL.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools>>

Phone: (888) 552-3261

Enjoy overnight trips with the expert guides of L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools!

Indulge your adventurous spirit – join us for one- and two-night multi-sport trips, a weekend getaway or take your adventure to the next level on an exciting trip featuring  the most exciting heritage sports winter has to offer. Browse our selection of trips at and book your trip today!

For more information go to our website or call our reservation specialist at (888) 552- 3261