Rates & Availability

111015 Rates Page imageAll rates are per person per night and include dinner, breakfast and trail lunch, unless otherwise noted or during the Fall and Spring self-service season when the huts are open but not staffed and meals are NOT provided. All rates are subject to change without notice. Planning your trip? Use the Hut Availability Chart below to check lodging availability at our huts!

Fall 2015

Fall is Self-Service Season — our “off-season” — when the huts are open but not staffed and meals are NOT provided. Guests must pack-in their own food and pack-out their own trash. Guests will have access to our commercial kitchen and cookware for food preparation and are expected to clean up after themselves. A caretaker will be at the huts to keep all systems operating, keep the stoves stoked and greet guests.

Season Dates*
10/26/2015 to 12/17/2015
Regular/Retail Bunk/Shared $35
Member Bunk/Shared $30
Group (12+ ppl) Bunk/Shared $30
Full-Hut Rental All Bunks
(32-44 depending on hut)
$600 (no meals)
$2000 (with meals, if available)
*Grand Falls Fall Self-Service season runs October 12, 2015 to January 14, 2016.

Winter 15/16

Season Dates* Midweek Weekends/Holidays
12/18/2015 to 3/27/2016 (Sun-Thu) (Fri-Sat)
Regular/Retail Bunk/Shared (Adult)
Bunk/Shared (Youth 17 & under)
Private Room**
Member Bunk/Shared (Adult)
Bunk/Shared (Youth 17 & under)
Private Room**
Walk-in Bunk/Shared (Adult)
Bunk/Shared (Youth 17 & under)
Groups (12+ ppl) Bunk/Shared (Adult)
Bunk/Shared (Youth 17 & under)




Full-Hut Rental Stratton Brook (max 40 ppl)
Poplar (max 42 ppl)
Flagstaff (max 44 ppl)
Grand Falls (max 32 ppl)
Gear Shuttles‡ (trailhead-to-hut or hut-to-hut) $25.00 per bag per shuttle

*Grand Falls full-service winter season runs January 15 to March 27, 2016.
**Private Room pricing varies depending on the size of the room and the number of adults and youth staying. Please call (207) 265-2400 to get an accurate quote.
‡Gear Shuttles must be booked at least 7 days in advance of your arrival for every leg of your trip. 


  1. Bunk houses come in a variety of capacities from 2 beds to twelve bedsAdvanced reservations always highly recommended on all products. Space cannot be guaranteed without a reservation.
  2. Rates do not include Maine state rooms and meals tax, currently 8%, (except walk-in rates).
  3. Kids under 3 years of age stay free if they share a bunk with their parent(s).
  4. Self-Service season rental does not include meals. Kitchen and cookware available for food preparation.
  5. Full-Hut rentals provide exclusive use of hut facilities.
  6. Beds include mattress and pillow ONLY. Sleeping bags are required. Bunkrooms are heated up to 55°, except in off-season.
hut detailsCancellation Policy

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Use the grid below to check lodging availability at our huts! For pricing, please see the Rates above.



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